Kimmel live etrio Bangles guests for the week of january 14th This week jimmy kimmel is hosting a fantastic group of celebrities.With the recent time change from 11:35 pm to 10:35 pm local time, more viewers are able to watch the show and experience the comedic goodness that is"Jimmy kimmel live. "These are the guests you can expect to see this week, and where you know them from. The guests lined up for monday, january 14 are ellen degeneres, sean lowe from"The bachelor,"And music by one republic.If you don't love ellen degeneres, you aren't human!She is one of the most admirable celebrities Buy UK Cheap Tiffany Bracelets out there, and a wonderful female role model for girls of all ages.This season on abc's"The bachelor,"Sean lowe is out looking for love.He came in third place during emily's season of"The bachelorette. " The guests lined up for tuesday, january 15 are rob lowe, bryce harper, and music by big boi.Rob lowe is doing the television circuits for his role in the upcoming lifetime movie about casey anthony.He plays the prosecutor, jeff ashton.Bryce harper is a baseball player from the washington nationals. The guests lined up for wednesday, january 16 are ray romano, amy brenneman, and music by phillip phillips.Ray romano will always be famous for his leading role in"Everybody loves raymond,"Even though he has moved on to other things.Amy brenneman is on"Private practice,"Which is in its last season. The guests lined up for thursday, january 17 are mark wahlberg and Tiffany Rings UK bob pflugfelder.Mark wahlberg is making the rounds promoting his new movie.We will get to see what"Science bob"Has in store for kimmel fans this time.